Saturday, February 9, 2008

The Oldest Americans

Here's a good round-up of supercentenarian-ness in a recent Daily Herald story.

Including this:

Oldest Americans

The Gerontology Research Group keeps track of supercentenarians, those who are at least 110 years old. These are the oldest people in the United States.

114 years old:

  • Edna Parker, Indiana

113 years old

  • Arbella Ewing, Texas
  • Gertrude Baines, California
  • Catherine Hagel, Minnesota

112 years old

  • Beatrice Farve, Georgia
  • Elizabeth Stefan, Connecticut
  • Mary J. Ray, New Hampshire
  • Olivia P. Thomas, New York
  • Neva Morris, Iowa
  • Maggie Renfro, Louisiana

111 years old

  • C. Letitia Lawson, Iowa
  • George Francis, California
  • Helen Johnson, Oregon
  • Eunice Sanborn, Texas
  • Florence Busch, Wisconsin
  • Besse Cooper, Georgia
  • Berta Rosenberg, New York
  • Walter Breuning, Montana
  • Walter Seward, New Jersey
  • Nellie Jones, Michigan
  • Beatrice Cooper, Michigan

110 years old

  • Hattie Lafayette, Michigan
  • Mississippi Wynn, Louisiana
  • Dina Manfredini, Iowa
  • Viola Koch, California
  • M. Chrissie Martenstein, California
  • Mary Gentry, Alabama
  • Ella Schuler, Kansas
  • Ethel Johnson, Ohio
  • Noemi Anderson, California
  • Ruth M. Lincoln, Arkansas
  • Harvey Hite, Indiana

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