Friday, May 11, 2007

Oldest Graduate: no grown-ups left behind

In two weeks Nola Ochs will graduate from Fort Hays State University in Kansas. By doing so at age 95, she will become the world's oldest college graduate.

Her achievement was recently noted in the Philadelphia Inquirer and in many other news outlets.

"I work like a beaver," the Kansas native said. "When finals come, I work like two beavers."

Her degree, quite appropriately, is in History.

Meanwhile elsewhere in Kansas...

Though he's 55 years old and legally blind, Marvin Bottomley will become his High School's oldest graduate.

He recently attended the prom with his wife.


Michael said...

Can you tell me the oldest joke?

David said...

My research has told me it might not be: Why did the chicken cross the road?

Here's a source for older jokes, of course it may itself be a joke.

executive gifts said...

While I agree it's never too old to learn, education that is subsidized by taxpayers for the benefit of society really should be restricted to those who can actually use that education to benefit society.
Australian taxpayers spent over $40,000 to give him this latest degree and it will provide no return whatsoever for the people who paid for it. The reason education subsidies make sense is because it's beneficial to have a population that will be able to make contributions in their field for the advancement of everyone.
A 97 year old retired lawyer with a clinical science degree will not make any contributions to science and taxpayers shouldn't have to pay $40k for his hobby.