Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Oldest Sports

At 68, solo sailing legend Sir Robin Knox-Johnston finished the Velux 5 Oceans round the world yacht race. He completed the 30,000 mile race last week in Bilbao, Spain after 159 days at sea and finished fourth.

In order to raise money for her church, Bessie Sandison rappelled down a bridge pillar of a 165ft bridge. The 86 year old lives in Cruden Bay, Aberdeenshire, Scottland.

Another Scott has made the news. Muriel Annan, age 86, is the oldest female member of her golf club and has hit her first hole in one after 60 years of playing. She made the shot during a senior ladies' event at Merchants of Edinburgh Golf Club.

New Yorker Barbara Hillary recently traveled and then skied to the north pole. A lung cancer survivor, at the age of 75, she is the oldest woman and first black woman to reach the North Pole.

100-year-old Lola Harcourt became the oldest person to mount the observation deck of Sydney's tallest building. "Sydney is a lot bigger than I remember,” Lola said.

(OK, it appears from this story that she took the elevator and was pushed in a wheel chair, so this is hardly a true feat of physical daring or skill.)

A South African woman fulfilled her promise to her grandchildren to go skydiving in Cape Town. Georgina Harwood age 92 jumped from a height of 9,000 feet.

N. K. Mahajan, a retired teacher in Pune, sailed at a height of 250 feet before being brought down to the cheering of his friends and former students on Friday.
At 87, he has the honor of being the oldest person in India to parasail.

At age 106, Bill Hargrove of Decatur, Georgia became the oldest league bowler in the world. In a most recent game he scored a 93 (that's higher than what I bowled last month) which is pretty good considering he cannot see the lane very well and needs friends to tell him which pins are still up. He's been bowling since 1924. That's 83 years of bowling.

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