Friday, May 25, 2007

Old News: Oldest US Mother of Artificial Twins

A 60 year old New Jersey woman went through a lot of trouble to get into the history books to become the oldest American mother of twins this week. The twin boys were conceived via artificial-insemination in South Africa at a center which specialized in fertility in older women.

The newest babies are healthy, although they were born somewhat prematurely (35 weeks), somewhat under-weight (4 pounds 11 ounces), and via c-section.

The story is getting old fast, so fast in fact that you can read a reasonable account here from the Iranian Alalam News.

Though a record of some sort, Freda Birnbaum is not the oldest mother in the world (age 66), nor the the oldest American mother (age 63, in which the mother lied to the fertility clinic about her real age). This record is simply for being the oldest American mother of twins.

The new baby boys A and B have older siblings, brothers ages 6 and 33 and a sister age 29.

Birnbaum is now friends with Lauren Cohen who was the previous record holder having her kids exactly one year earlier at age 59.

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